Consul Test
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Moshon Data offers training on ADAS and vehicle dynamics testing, advice on test equipment needs, and help with interpreting specifications. Moshon Data can provide:

  • Recommendation of the test equipment needed to carry out the NCAP/NHTSA tests from Inertial Navigation Systems and GPS systems to the range of Anthony Best Dynamics Driving Robots
  • Onsite support, either for test preparation, using OxTS/Racelogic GPS and data collection
  • If you have an important test where time is money Moshon Data can be there for technical support helping you achieve your objectives
  • Car performance evaluation, using customer’s equipment, the evaluation of a cars performance and NCAP points score can be calculated providing advanced knowledge before official test.  (Minimum equipment specification needed)
  • We can also provide experienced ADAS EuroNCAP media specialists to record the tests including video and stills
  • Pedestrian AEB advice on the test protocol and Pedestrian Rig from ABD, 4A or DSD